Our partners and networks

Our goal is to bring you together with the right people at the right time and in the right place.

We support the development of partnerships and collaborations. With our access to the private and public sectors as well as to companies, we can help you establish the right networks to ensure your business is on track for success in Baden-Württemberg and the UK.

Scottish Development International (SDI)

Scottish Development International (SDI) is Scotland's business development agency and provides advice, information, contacts and, where appropriate, financial support to foreign companies wishing to do business, find research and trading partners or establish operations in Scotland. With a network of 30 international offices, SDI also helps Scottish companies to increase their trading links and build new partnerships.

In Germany, SDI provides local points of contact with its offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin (where there is also a representative office of the Scottish Government).

Website of SDI


The BCCG – British Chamber of Commerce in Germany – has a vast network of German and British companies and institutions and will support you with any questions you may have regarding German-British business and trade. The Chamber has an extensive database that also provides information on British companies operating in Germany including their subsidiaries.

Website of BCCG

London & Partners

London & Partners is the business promotion agency for the London metropolitan region. Its primary role is to support international and local businesses in high-growth sectors.

Website of London & Partners